How does 3CX protect the data of my hosted instance?

Hosted by 3CX is built on 3 main blocks, two are managed by us one, the third by you, the customer:

  1. We use renowned hosting providers to run your installation to ensure protection over general outages or data loss.
  2. In order to ensure "bare metal" reconstruction, we perform offsite daily backups of your installation. The backups are encrypted and always located at a different hosting provider that your instance is operated by.  The back-ups are taken at around 2 am local instance time and include your system configuration and call history records, only. We do not back up your voicemails and recording files. Additionally, every time your instance is rebooted an additional rescue restore point is been created.
  3. 3CX customers always maintain access to their personal data without the involvement of 3CX.  Therefore we advise you to create your own backup plan and save it outside of the instance,  using a location such as Google storage, SFTP, or FTP for complete protection. 
For installations requiring a large number of recordings, we advise using the archive function in a remote location. This way your instances can be restored and moved without unneeded downtime.