Which SIP Trunks can be used for 3CX Hosted?

Which SIP Trunks can be used for 3CX Hosted?

3CX Customers can use SIP Trunks found on our supported list https://www.3cx.com/partners/sip-trunks/. Each SIP Trunk can have different levels of compatibility with our Hosting Services, below is an explanation.

1. Yes - This SIP Trunk is registration-based and is highly recommended. Customers will enjoy the best quality of service using these trunks.
2. Not Recommended - Can be used, however as these SIP Trunks are IP-based disruptions may occur. If you do choose this trunk, consider having a second registration-based SIP Trunk as a backup.
No - These SIP Trunks cannot be used with Hosted by 3CX.

You can read more about our recommendations on this topic here https://www.3cx.com/blog/releases/ip-based-trunks-hosted/