I blacklisted the IP address of my Management Console


I blacklisted the IP address of my Management Console, can you help me?


If you or someone else attempts to log into 3CX with the wrong credentials more than 3 times then 3CX will block access from this IP address. This happens to protect your 3CX  System from future malicious requests.

If you are unsure of your admin credentials you can prompt the Forgot Password option following these steps:

1) Try accessing your management console using a different IP like your mobile data (for safety in case you blacklist your IP)

2) Enter your correct username (admin, by default, all lowercase) and an incorrect password

3) Use the username again and a different incorrect password (It has to be different passwords and only try twice)

4) Click on the Forgot Password Prompt and a password recovery email will be sent to the registered admin email.

Once you receive the email, try to log into your management console through a different IP, i.e your mobile data, and you can delete your blacklisted IP from the Dashboard> Blacklisted IPs.

In order to prevent this particular IP from being blocked in the future, delete the entry. Then whitelist the specific IP; by specifying that you would like this IP to be allowed by changing "Block"  to"Allow".  This would be useful for your static external office OP, for example.

Use this with caution as 3CX will no longer trigger its anti-hacking function on this IP! Only allow trusted IP addresses you trust!

I hope you find this helpful. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.