What is the SLA on hosted instances?

What is the SLA on hosted instances??

3CX uses known hosting providers to facilitate the operation of your instance. Their SLA is currently defined as follows:

  • DigitalOcean provides a 99.99% uptime 
    (mainly used for USA & EU customers)
  • Vultr provides  a 99.99% uptime 
    (used for customers wordwide)
  • Google Cloud provides a 99.5% uptime
    (mainly used for AU & NZ customers) 
  • Amazon AWS EC2 provides a 99.99% uptime
    (reserved for future use)
 The hosting-provider SLA does not cover the availability of 3CX itself within the instance. 3CX will self-update when a new release version of 3CX is available. 

You, the customer, can configure on which interval and time the update shall take place to suit your business needs best. 

If there is scheduled maintenance, 3CX will inform you about the date and expected duration prior to execution. Those are not accounted in the given provider's SLA.