What Android settings should I set for optimized 3CX app operation on a Huawei device?

On Android 10 (EMUI v10):

  • Set app notification options: Long-tap the 3CX app icon to open ‘App info’ and set:

    • ‘Notifications’ >

      • ‘Allow notifications’ = [enabled]

      • ‘App icon badges’ = [enabled]

      • ‘Calls’:

        • ‘Allow notifications’ = [enabled]

        • ‘Banners’ = [enabled]

        • ‘Lock screen notifications’ = ‘Show’

        • ‘Allow interruptions’ = [enabled]

    • ‘Data usage’ > Allow all network access options in ‘Wi-Fi’ and ‘Mobile data’

    • ‘Power usage details’ > ‘App launch’ > ‘Manage automatically’ = [disabled] & ‘Manage manually’  = [enable all options]

  • Lock the app in recently used apps: (a) Open the 3CX app, then tap to open recent apps (standard Android square button). (b) Tap and drag down the 3CX app preview until the lock icon appears beside the app name, to keep the app active for notifications.